Printing is available at all of our libraries, as well as scanning documents and photocopying. You will need a library card which you need to activate first on the printing devices.

If you have supplied an email at registration, you can also use our new email to print facility without the need of using one of the public computers and securely collect your prints at any branch.

To use the email to print, simply attach your file and send it from your registered email to:

Please ensure you have enough credit on your account before sending files to print. An email will be sent back to confirm when files are ready to be collected. You will need to swipe your card, so please make sure you have it with you when you collect your print files. 

You can speak to a member of staff if you need further guidance.




How to Book a Computer 

Choose your preferred library and time slot via our new booking system MyPC. Alternatively, you can also walk in without a booking.

We have created a short instructional video tutorial on using MyPC that all users are encouraged to watch:

Important: We are aware the online booking system is not completely accessible for all users, and we are working to fix these issues. If you have problems using the system, then you can always book via phone at 020 8489 2700.

We are not currently able to provide individual support to help you use computers.

Book a PC here


Acceptable Usage Policy

We ask all Internet users to agree to our acceptable usage policy, as outlined below.

You are allowed to use our computers provided that your use is of an acceptable nature.

Acceptable Usage is defined as (but not limited to):

  • Research
  • Email
  • Online retail
  • Schoolwork and homework.

Non Acceptable Usage is defined as (but not limited to):

  • An activity that violates copyright or software licence agreements
  • An activity, which changes, damages or destroys computer software, hardware or data belonging to Haringey Council
  • An activity, which seeks to gain, unauthorised access to internal or external information systems, for whatever purpose
  • Using the Internet for any illegal activity, or for the purpose of libel, slander or harassment
  • Sending, receiving or displaying text or graphics which may be reasonably construed to be obscene or offensive
  • Sending material that is intended or likely to cause annoyance or inconvenience to the recipient

The term Computer is defined as the whole workstation (CPU, keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, headphones, CDs, disk drives, CD drives, etc).

The term Activity is defined at the discretion of the Systems Manager of Haringey Libraries, Archives and Museum Service.

If you break the terms in this Acceptable Usage Policy or use this computer for 'non-acceptable usage' then you may be removed from the network without prior warning.